The Devoted Light Ring

The Devoted Light Ring

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Thanks to our partnership with some starting jewelers, we managed to get some free jewels to distribute around the world. 

What Do We Want in Return?

We just want your honest review of the product & which price would you pay for it when you see it in a boutique. You only pay for shipping.

We have only a very limited stock of these free products!

Items sold: 599/670

Reviews received: 485

Average estimated price: 415 USD

Our Processing time is 2-3 business days & shipping time is 8-12 business days.

Please notice that the shipping price varies by the number of jewels you’re planning to order…

The more jewels you order the cheaper the shipping will be!
The shipping & handling fees start from $14.95 :)

GlityJewels are made of delicate materials that must be handled with the right care.
To ensure that your Glity product remains in the best possible condition over an extended period of time, please observe the advice below to avoid damage:

  • Store our jewelry individually in the original packaging or a soft pouch to avoid damage.

  • Polish your jewelry frequently with a lint-free cloth to maintain its original sparkling condition.

  • Remove your Glity jewels before using acidic products that may touch the jewels to avoid a loss of crystal brilliance. 

Please note that GlityJewels are made of delicate materials that must be handled with the right care. Most of our products are made of Stainless Steel / 925 Silver Sterling / Gold - Depend on the Jewel.

We managed to get a great deal for you with our shipping partner.
The more items you order, the less the shipping fee you pay per product.

  • Order 4 items and only pay shipping for 3 items.
  • Order 9 items and only pay shipping for 6 items.
    USA/Canada UK/Australia Diameter (mm) Circumference (mm) Europe/ISO
    4 H 14.9 46.8
    4-1/2 I 15.3 48
    5 J-1/2 15.7 49.3
    5-1/2 K-1/2 16.1 50.6
    6 L-1/2 16.5 51.9
    6-1/2 M-1/2 16.9 53.1
    7 N-1/2 17.3 54.4
    7-1/2 O-1/2 17.7 55.7
    8 P-1/2 18.1 57
    8-1/2 Q-1/2 18.5 58.3
    9 R-1/2 19 59.5
    9-1/2 S-1/2 19.4 60.8
    10 T-1/2 19.8 62.1
    10-1/2 U-1/2 20.2 63.4
    11 V-1/2 20.6 64.6
    11-1/2 W-1/2 21 65.9